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Lenguas Hermanas

LH was born with the objective of creating partnerships with global companies that need to enter new cultural and linguistic realities. Our challenge is to create and implement linguistic solutions on all levels in order to fulfill the needs of our customers, always catering to their unique dynamic.

Our field of work is not limited to the conventional teaching of foreign languages. Unlike traditional schools and courses, we offer custom products and services focused on the specific needs of each customer.

Therefore, LH has the background experience and knowledge in the field to offer the exact solution for your needs and problems, in a quick, modern, and creative way.


LH also has a special structure to support our customers:

“In-company” Services: These classes are more comfortable and make attendance more convenient, which increases benefits for the student. Additionally, our client can track the language development of employees more closely.

Classes at our headquarters: Students can also have classes in our office with the same resources and qualities of in-company classes.

On-line structure: Our on-line client-support services from HR, ranging from training (E-Learning) to reports, assist in student development-assessment.

Team: Our team of native professionals or teachers with experience abroad receives constant training to provide the best instruction.


Our company has partnerships with foreign companies and institutions.

Exchange Courses – we have a partnership with Experimento, a company specialized in cultural exchange courses, with over 40 years of experience in Brazil and 70 years of experience worldwide. They have partnerships for linguistic practice abroad in the world’s best institutions.

HR – The development of HR projects offer support and linguistic solutions for several needs.

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